A Charming Life Twelve stories about the future

Alicia Fenieux Campos



First edition: 2018, August.

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Fulbert is fully happy, the system provides him “a charming life”. However, real life continues there, stalking, inescapable, and nothing can avoid the unforeseen circumstances of fate.
Through twelve stories, Alicia Fenieux invites us to visit a future where real life coexists with fictitious realities as well as holograms and avatars do so with humans of flesh and blood; a world where the longing for the past is as strong as the fascination that arouse science and technology. It is the daily life of the years to come with its intimate, disconcerting and also ferocious dilemmas; a future in which we have lost, among other things, empathy, the real contact with the other, closeness to nature.
A Charming Life. Twelve stories about the future, a book that provokes laughter and at the same time, disturbs.