The Mystery of the Chamberlain. 15 Tales of Fiction Painting

Gonzalo Ríos Araneda



edición: abril, 2021

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In the book The Mystery of Chamberlain, the author Gonzalo Ríos Araneda has recreated the emotional, psychological and ideological history that accompanied the execution of 15 fundamental pieces of the universal painting. A global narrative mosaic from the concrete man of the caves to the modern man of the whole 20th century. Neophytes and connoisseurs will be captivated by these narratives because of the uniqueness of their anthropological gaze in the face of the creative gesture of the great masters.

“This is a beautiful book, a select book, in which intertextuality is present throughout the volume; and where fiction acquires a patent of reality and art intersects the time of human history”.

José Miguel Ruiz

Poet and chilean academic